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Would you like to feel fully alive, loving yourself and not thinking of your huge to-do-list when waking up? Are you currently wondering what your strength are and how to get more grounded? Would you love to find your purpose in live and finally break free of old habits?
It's time so start living the life of your dreams - feel abundant AF. Re-connect to yourself and unleash your magical gift! Get to know the secrets behind my happiness & success with hands-on tips! 

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Would you like to check out some short videos to quickly learn more about Lisa and - of course - yourself? On Youtube you are able to watch short videos, ranging from guidance, workouts and meditations. I will also explain basic Human Design and Kundalini techniques you are able to use for being able to speak your truth, become more confident and start living the life of your dreams.

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Podcast & Book

I'm currently working on not one - but two books... And my podcast! Being experienced in podcasting, it's no wonder I plan to launch an inspiring and empowering podcast.  My goal is to launch the podcast within this year.
The first book which is going to be published, is the book "Caged No More - Women who broke free from societal constraints" - in here, I'm co-author.

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