Coaching is not a selling-, but a relationship-Business ❤️

How does a coaching look like?

We will start with a free consultation in which I will get to know more about you, your current situation and what troubles you.

Within this conversation we will figure out where you would like to be after 3 or 6 month. Of course, even if your goals change during the coaching, you will still get my full support.

I will listen compassionate to you and bring my attention to your biggest dreams, goals, fears and obstacles. I won’t judge you, your current situation or thoughts – there are probably already enough people surrounding you who do this 🙂

After the call there will be at least 10 sessions together.

During the coaching I will support and listen compassionate, without judging. If you ask for it, I will take you by my hand and strategies and actions, that match to you and your situation.

Like this you won’t just get knowledge or consultation, but clear action-steps to get you from thinking into being and doing!

I will not beautify anything. Instead, I will be kind, but honest to you. For me it’s important our conversations are real and authentic. That you feel comfortable with me and we work on long-lasting results!

Warning: The tasks I give you are designed to let your GROW – that’s why you need to do them by yourself.

During the coaching, you are able to reach me via What’s App or email in case you have a question or want my feedback.

Additionally, I have something special for you if you do a 1:1 coaching with me: Extended support for 2 month after the coaching. Plus – in case you are facing a big challenge  – two additional 15-minute “emergency” calls. It’s your choice at what time you want to use them. It doesn’t matter how busy I am – 1:1 coachees are my priority!

Furthermore, after a 1:1 coaching the doors to my exclusive mentoring-program are open for you 🙂

Are you willing to invest time and money into you?
If yes...

Lisa is a very kind, compassionate person. I felt comfortable with her immediately. I had tons of questions and was afraid, not being able to talk about everything. Lisa made time for me and listened. She felt my insecurity and instead of pushing me in a direction, she showed me possibilities. She didn't beautify something, but spoke open about positive and negative aspects.W sorted the chaos in my mind step by step. She gave me courage and worked out the next steps with me!

After the coaching, I wasn't left alone. She evaluated every session afterwards and even send me emails with things we talked about. Even after the Coaching I am still able to reach her.

One doesn't feel like a paying client, but like being with a good friend, whose well-being is important to her. And especially in situations where you need help, it's very good feeling! She will definitely stay my person of trust and contact-person.
Jasmin Schmidt
Graphic-Designer + Photographer

Change your mind,
change your life!

Every entrepreneur or successful person needs at least one  coach & mentor. If you would like to change something in your life, but don’t really know how, it’s the fastest way for positive changes.

When I was unhappy with my job and was afraid to quit, I tried to solve everything by myself and went through a lot of pain. Then, when I started my first business and wanted to change my life, I still did not search for a personal coach. Still, I tried to solve everything by my own and it did not only cost a lot of time and energy, but I faced many obstacles…Then, I decided to invest in myself and look for coaches and mentors. It changed my whole life and business!

You only experience and know about the energy and power of a coaching, if you went through at least one coaching by yourself. Only those who are willing to invest in themselves, are able to grow. This is why I invest in me and my business on a regular basis and have my own mentors ❤️

I am really interested in you as a person and your happiness. Not only during a coaching-call or via social media – you are always able to reach me via mail or what’s app!

Are you ready to invest time and money in yourself?
If yes...

P.S.: Spots for 1:1 coaching are limited, because to me it’s important I am 100% able to be there for you and support you!

spende an den tierschutz

With every coaching you don't just give yourself a treat, but also animals... ❤️​​

I love animals and support animal welfare. It’s not just my goal to organize animal welfare campagnes myself in future, but I donate 5% of the money you invest to SharkProject and Gozo SPCA.

Unfortunately the Gozo SPCA (the only animal shelter on the island)  has to survive by donations only, because the government does not support the shelter. SharkProject is also a charity-business and supports the well-being of the ocean with all the creatures living in it. The ocean dies, we will die!

So, you invest in yourself and your future. At the same time you can support me and the organisations to give the animals a better life and make the world to a better place!

You don't just want to do something good for you, but also others?
If yes...


Can you actually proof a coaching works?
Yes! Neuroscientists have proven that our brain is not “fix”, but plastic (“mouldable”).  This means, you have the ability to rewire your thoughts and implement new habits to find more success and happiness. Of course, it only works if you implement the action-steps 🙂

How do I know, whether my received my application ?
Usually I review applications within 24 hours. In case you haven’t heard from me within this time-frame, kindly drop me a short email.

Why do I need to apply for a free consultation and coaching?
1.  I only work with people who are willing to invest time and money in themselves. It’s important to me, we are on the same “wavelength” and have similar values! If so, your chance for a free session and us working together is high.
2. Spots for 1:1 coaching are limited, because it’s important to me I am able to be there for you and support you!

Is a coaching right for me?
Do you want to get closer to your goals, but don’t know how? Or do you miss the forest for the trees?  Would you like someone from the outside, who takes a look at your “problems”? Are you afraid, stressed, unhappy or think you are not good enough to do something? Then a coaching with Lisa might be the right choice for you.

Who should not apply for a coaching?
If you are looking for “magical tricks”, sleazy marketing-strategies or how to build a funnel for your business, then you are at the wrong place.

I’m a student or unemployed . Is a coaching still something for me?
Yes, a coaching might be the right choice for you and you would not be the first student or unemployed person I help. However, kindly be aware you need to be willing/able to invest time and money in yourself.

Is a coaching some kind of psychotherapy or an alternative for it?
No, a coaching is not an alternative for a psychotherapy. However, psychotherapy and coaching can fit well together!

What kind of payment-methods do you accept?
You are able to pay via PayPal or bank-transfer. In case you want to pay with PayPal, a fee of 4,5% due to PayPal fees applies. You are also able to pay in installments. EVERYONE, who’d like to grow and change something in their live is able to afford a coaching with me.

Is there a discount for unemployed or students?
Kindly send me an attest via email and I’ll let you know about your possibilities.

How much does a 1:1 coaching cost?
Usually I don’t offer an intensive coaching under 10 weeks. Only like this we are able to build a good relationship and create long-lasting results. We can talk about the exact duration in a meeting. Usually the investment is 2357€. A coaching is only right for you, if you are willing to change your life in a positive way and really want to work on yourself.