About me and my mission

With only 19 I started my own business as a makeup artist. In the age of 21 my partner and me immigrated to Malta.So, I created a business, which is location-independent and started first online-business (retouching). Within only a couple of months I already worked with Dior and Mercedes. My work was published several times in magazines like Glamour, Elle and L’Officiel. Having the passion to help & motivate others, I started to coach ambitioned photographers/retouchers to run a successful business.

However, I wanted to connect with “real” people. With people, who do not only care about beauty, fashion, advertising and latest trends. People, who want to make the world to a better place. I was craving for something more meaningful.

So, in 2017, my partner and me founded our software-company “Coachy”. Within just a year we hit the 100k revenue and have some of the biggest German coaches + speakers as our clients.

This gives me the freedom to follow my passion: Working as a lifecoach and MBCT practitioner. Helping female entrepreneurs to create a vibrant, healthy lifestyle by showing them how to trust their inner voice and not forgetting about their mind and body during their busy schedule.

To be up to date, I do not just read books or attend events, but also visit high-priced programs of international trainers in the fields of health, spirituality,  business and marketing.

I’m your coach for a healthier, happier life. I help you setting up a clear structure and work on your self-care for a more energised, healthy and authentic you!

Listen to your heart + Follow your intuition. Be yourself and get successful.

I was always a person who listened to her heart and “just did it”.
Let me show you how you can achieve this as well and life as you dream it!

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Can you spot the difference in both images?
Tip: You cannot see the difference with your eyes.

2016 - Retoucher & Trainer

Successful from the outside, but not fulfilled. Afraid, to admit my former “failures”.  Exhausted and stessed. I was busy the whole time, but did not have time for myself. Out of balance – physically, emotionally and mentally. Especially: I had the feeling to need help, but wasn’t sure what kind of help.

2017 - Coach & Co-Founder

Fully alive. Full of life, love and energy. A new feeling of gratitude – even for my earlier “failures”. Clear about my goals and purpose. Kind of like my brain, body and soul finally work together – and not against each other. Especially: I want to help others, how they can achieve it as well!


I am talking about you waking up and smiling, being truly satisfied. You are thankful for your life. I am not talking about waking up and thinking of a full calendar but finally feel like your life your life as you want to. Without stress. I am talking about waking up, being full of energy and motivation. To be clear about your thoughts and emotions. To look in the mirror and think: „Wow, I’m feeling great… And yes, I look great!“ Does it sound unreal for you? I thought the same. It took me quite a while until I realised this ONE thing: You have the power to change how you live your life and what decisions you make. Let me help you to save a lot of time and frustration (failure, the feeling of being empty, self-doubt, several new starts, etc.) and tell me about my story in a short version…

Until spring 2017 I was still involved in the advertising & creative industry. My career started early with just 18 years old when I did an apprenticeship as a makeup artist & worked at MAC. Then I continued with an apprenticeship in an advertising-agency (media designer) as my parents told me I should learn a “real” job – being that young and still under influence of my parents (even I was unhappy about it). I came to the point where I was totally unchallenged and overworked – both at the same time. Plus I did not really feel esteemed, even though I run so many important projects all by myself.

I started being super frustrated, called in sick for work, was super unhappy with my life. Did not know what do as I was afraid to quit, but also did not want to work there anymore.
During all the time my hobby was retouching and I was always working as a makeup artist as a side-job – so of course, I had clients and connections. My boyfriend supported me, encouraged me to finally quit the job I hated too much. I started working as a freelancer at MAC & built up more own clients in the photo/video + commercial industry.

We moved to Malta (2014) & I could not work there anymore as a makeup artist.

The culture is very different and does not appreciate the work of a makeup artist and does not want to pay good money (they pay just 12€ for wedding makeup and look like a plastic-doll!)I switched my hobby into my main profession, started working as a retoucher from home. My references are, for example, Elle + Glamour + L’Officiel + Dior. I became really good at it fast, wanted to help others running a successful business + improve their retouching, get the best out of their images (no plastic-skin, but REAL people)

During all the time I noticed I did not feel challenged anymore.

Most photographers/agencies in the beauty & fashion field are very superficial. Do not appreciate team-work as much as I did (of course, there were a few exceptions). The work counts only, but not the person behind the work. They look for low prices, as a retoucher, I had to finish super tight deadlines as the team messed it up in advance and took too long to deliver the images, etc. Overall, the job did not challenge me anymore AND I was wondering what I could achieve with what I was doing. How should I make the world into a better place with retouching? How should I help more people when teaching retouching & showing other photographers/retouchers how to run a business (actually most people did not want to learn the hard truth: knowing how to run a business is more important than talent)
Also, I had the feeling I lost myself.
I am not and do not want to become a person who works on stuff which is not meaningful, does not truthfully support or motivate others. Why do I superficial work, something where only the look counts or whether you are “in fashion”?

At the same time, two very drastic events happened in my life.

At the same time, two very drastic events happened in my life.
Not only that I broke several bones on my hand and could not work for several months, but what was much harder for me: my boyfriend got diagnosed with a tumour, pressing on his pituitary gland. This means it was life-threatening. He had been sick for more than a year, with a severe ongoing headache, got thinner and thinner and got more and more demotivated – still, the doctors did not do anything and just prescribed pills which did not even help, since the headache was too strong. Then, finally, on one evening it got so bad, he even had tingling and cramps in his body. I drove him to the emergency room… In the end, luckily he got an emergency surgery a few days later in London.

Especially these two events got me thinking and I started to ask myself what I really want and what life is about.

„A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.“ – Henry Ford

I decided to quit.
I want to connect with REAL people. With people (especially women) who are passionate about making the world into a better place – by helping others (animals and/or humans). I want to help them find the strength to be themselves & get successful by developing a healthy, vibrant routine and structure!
Be free to live a life they dream about & find their happiness!

 When working with me you don't only do good for yourself, but also animals... 💛

I love animals and am active in animal welfare. It’s not just my vision to organize own animal welfare campaigns in future, but also a part of the money which you invest, goes to SharkProject and the Gozo SPCA.

Unfortunately the Gozo SPCA (a small and the only animal shelter on Gozo) only gets money by donations. Because the goverment doesn’t support the shelter. SharkProject is a  charity-organisation as well and supports the wellbeing of the ocean with all it’s creatures. If the oceans die, so will we.

So, you are investing in yourself and your future. At the same time you can help the animals to have a better life and make the world to a better place.