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I’ve always had an entrepreneurial heart. At the young age of 19, I started my own business as a makeup artist, working at MAC. I built up a decent clientele and enjoyed my work, but that came to an end when my partner and I moved to Malta.

The culture there was different and working as a makeup artist wasn’t going to be enough to pay the bills. So, I switched gears and started working as a photo retoucher. It was my first online, location-independent business!

In a matter of months, I was working with clients like Dior and Mercedes. My work was published in Glamour, Elle and L’Officiel. It was fast-paced and hectic, but ultimately, it was unfulfilling. I was craving MORE. I wanted more meaningful relationships, more connection, and I wanted to make a difference in the world.

In 2017, my partner and I founded “Coachy”, a software company for German coaches and speakers. We made $200k revenue in the first year! Today, we have an amazing team behind us.

Helping people really is my passion, so I also became a certified life coach through Beautiful You Coaching Academy accredited by ICF. But, being as ambitious as I am, I have also been trained in Mindfulness Cognitive Based Therapy (MCBT). Rounding out my education, aerial yoga is another activity I have immersed myself in so I can teach others, not just how to improve their mind, but also give proper care and attention to their physical bodies as well (plus it’s fun!)

I work with female entrepreneurs to create a vibrant, healthy lifestyle by showing them how to fully trust their intuition. These women have learned how to pay attention to their minds and bodies, even in the midst of chaos and a busy schedule. In turn, they accomplish more goals quickly and with ease, for a more successful, yet relaxed life. Rock your life and business!

If you are craving a more meaningful life, have goals and ambitions but aren’t sure where to start, you have come to the right place. Let’s collaborate!

My Mission




Living a life of purpose has brought so much happiness and fulfillment to my life, that it has become my passion and driving force to work with other women to show them the path to success by their own terms, so they, too, can experience the joy and ease of a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Investing in yourself and your future also means saving the oceans. When you work with me, you will know that you are making a difference as soon as we begin working together. A portion of your investment is donated to SharkProject, a charity organization that supports the wellbeing of the ocean and its creatures.

Let go of what doesn’t serve you in your mind or physically in your life. I am committed to living a more sustainable life to cut down on unnecessary waste and can help you do the same! Every little bit and every small change adds up to great results in saving our planet!



“Lisa helped me to think different and “pushed” me in the right direction; to get closer to my dream - being a successful photographer one day.”

- Anika Aweiler

“Lisa is a very kind, compassionate person. I felt comfortable with her immediately. I had tons of questions and was afraid, not being able to talk about everything.”

- Jasmin Schmidt

"Lisa isn't just a wonderful person, but also excellent coach. She motivates, inspires and helps with concrete steps to get faster to the goal. "

- Irina Garcia


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