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Episode #25: A spiritual guru about consciousness – Interview with Muz Murray

Muz Murray is a mystic, spiritual master and mantra yogi, and one of the rare westerners to have experienced Cosmic Consciousness, an Oobe, Samadhi and NDE. Because of his dangerous adventures as a spiritual seeker around the world, the media have dubbed him the “Indiana Jones of Yoga.”

I know some of my listeners already practice yoga but others have never thought about trying it. I personally turned to yoga when I felt unfulfilled in my life. I felt lost before and yoga became a big part of my life.

How he became a guru

Muz never calls himself a guru but rather a spiritual mentor. It was an experience for him that he never intended. When he was young, his parents sent him to church because they thought it would be good for him. But he could never relate to a traditional church, so he turned his back on God and anything related to spirituality and religion. Many years later, he started a journey hitchhiking around the world. After a year of working in Israel, he had a few different jobs and overstayed his visa. Eventually, he had to leave the country and on top of that, he got all of his money stolen. He ended up on a ship to Cyprus without a plan and nowhere to go. He was dreaming about going to India but he didn’t have the money to make it happen. One evening, he was watching the sun go down when he had a weird feeling as if a ghostly hand was touching his head and putting a liquid brain into him. It felt like his consciousness expanded beyond the body out of the land into space. He found that his conscious was everywhere in the universe and he could see thousands of things happening. In this mindless space, he was given revelations about how things work in the universe and he realized that the universe was made out of consciousness. He also noticed that this is was priests are talking about when they talk about god. This experience changed his whole concept of existence and spirituality. He realized that everything he had learned until then was just information but this was Knowledge.

In the following months, his body started to reject “blood foods” like meat and fish, eggs, but also alcohol and tobacco. He used his last money to travel to Cairo and then to South Africa where he spent 3 years. He had many dangerous experiences there and this had the urge to travel to India to practice meditation. Eventually, an Indian Sikh Master arrived to initiate people who hadn’t consumed any meat, fish, eggs, alcohol or tobacco and he initiated a special type of yoga which meant listening to internal sound current. He spent many hours meditating to consolidate this hearing. Since then, he wasn’t interested in any lifestyle apart from his spiritual lifestyle.

How he experienced many hours of meditation

It was difficult for Muz to stop his mind. He has done 16 years of meditation and in the end, he realized that meditation wasn’t taking him where he needed to go. It needs to be constant for the whole day. You have to have the same balanced mind throughout the whole day which is hard to get to. For Muz, the best way was to remove the sense of “I” from consciousness and no longer refer to “me”. When you do that, it is totally freeing and you become what you really are. It is a tricky topic to get into this quickly. Muz actually wrote a book about the topic, more about it below.

How not to feel lost and enjoy life instead

Yoga and meditation can help with that in the way that it stops you from the top of your head. You have to learn how to go deeply into the space where you’re actually coming from. You have to learn to slow down the thought flow until you become calm and balanced.

Muz believes that there is no such thing as a “mind”, only thought flow and that a mantra is the easiest way to get into a meditative state. For him, chanting for half an hour will be much more productive than hours of meditation.

What is a mantra?

Mantra is made from two words joined together: “Man” – Sanskrit for a male human being, and “Tra” – meaning protection. He believes that it’s a word or a phrase that protects a human being from his own thinking that should be repeated over and over. Once you stop, you develop a state of “Sumadi” or God-consciousness.

How to connect with the universe as a beginner

Muz doesn’t like to use the term “God” and only uses it because some people can vaguely relate to it. God-consciousness really means your own consciousness.

He talks about where consciousness comes from. Do the sperm and the ovum have consciousness? Of course not, the sperm and the ovum are made from food so they do not have consciousness. So when a baby is born the baby is essentially made from food as well and does not develop its own consciousness for 3 years. Is the consciousness in the food consumed by the human? If so, why doesn’t a carrot talk and have consciousness?

Muz believes that consciousness creeps to the antenna that we call the soul and when the consciousness of the universe meets a human being, only then does it become an “I”. He gives the example that Renee Descartes had is backward with “I think therefore I am” it should be the other way around. Without “me” there is no world and no universe or ego, consciousness is the screen where the film of the universe is playing.

Muz calls this the consciousness of God, that is what all the great sages have come to realize by apperception, which is the instantaneous perception of the truth without the intervention of movement from the mind.

More about his book

His book is called: “You are the light, secrets of the Sages made simple.”

He has tried to summarise his experiences of many years in a simple way in his book.

Final Question

Magic wand with a gift to people:

–    Muz would remove all the politicians from the world and he wants everyone to live with their heart and not from your head.


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