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Episode 23 – How to overcome the feeling of resistance in life & biz

In this episode I want to talk about something everyone goes through from time to time and especially during the last months I got to know so many people feeling some resistance in their businesses.

Firstly, I want you to know you are not alone. It’s okay and normal. We are human!

And secondly, if it feels hard, there’s something wrong!

If you feel some resistance in your business right now that things don’t unfold as naturally as they used to be or you just launched a new program, but somehow there are only a few people interested or something else feels very imbalanced right now…

Hold on, take a break and tap into your intuition.

Listen what your inner guide and the universe want to tell you.

If something feels hard or you feel that you need to push more than usually, it means it most possibly it is not aligned with your soul.

That is the truth why it feels hard right now and you don’t see the results you desire.

Usually the solution isn’t to push further and further until we feel totally drained of energy and burned out, so that we need weeks or even months to recover.

The solution is to take a break right now, before you push even further and sit still. Be by yourself and shift your focus and attention to what is going on inside you.

And ask yourself the question:

How do I feel right now?
It is OK to feel anything, whether it’s frustration, anger, impatience, excitement or also a bunch of feelings all over the place. Or even nothing at all.

What is going on in your thoughts right now?
And is it true or just your inner demon trying to sabotage you? Your inner ego trying to hold yourself small and safe in a place where you have always been? Trying to keep you at a place, instead of jumping into the unknown and waiting for amazing things that are waiting for you and you all you need to is this one jump.

A jump into a needed time-out?

A jump into a new way of being, leading, living and running your business?

Allow yourself a few minutes to journal about everything you feel. Tap into your soul and listen what it wants to tell you want what you desire deep down.

It’s normal to be afraid if you feel the need to shift things around and do things differently than before.

Allow yourself to feel the uncertainty, tap into that void. But before it swallows you and drags you down into a massive hole of doubt it’s important to take action!

Here are some secret steps going the path that holds deep, fulfilling, long-lasting success:

# Be present
What do you eat? What do you think? What do you feel? If you don’t even know how you feel or are tired very often, you are moody, don’t sleep enough or eat unhealthy you cannot expect a high energy. A low energy results in low results. You only get as much out of your life and business as high as your energy level is. So get your energy level up!
Otherwise, you will continue working like a robot. Completly run on autopilot, without a clear goal and with a constant feeling that there is something lacking in your life. Most probably, without even knowing what is lacking…  Energy, Money, Time, Happiness, and so on.

Clear signs of this are: consuming energy drinks or pills frequently, constantly comparing to others constantly bragging with luxury articles so that everyone knows how cool you are but feeling empty or overworked inside.

It’s time to get real and raw with your emotions and feelings. It’s time to re-connect with yourself. If you aren’t connected to yourself, to your spirit, your soul and than act led by your intuition:
You will always feel drained, empty and overworked on the long (or short) run.

# Try to act matching to the energy-level on which you want to be

# Manifest the results you want using your energy and focus on the goals you desire

# Have a marketing-strategy that fits TO YOU
(one, that feels light and one that your inner voice feels connected to)
# Be authentic. There is only one you. There is only you with this unique gift you can share. There will always be people that don’t like or don’t understand you. These are not your people. So focus on the ones who are!

# Ask for help (guidance)
The fastest route is accepting you are in a certain situation, you have a goal and to look for guidance by someone who already achieved it. There’s nothing bad in asking for help – the best coaches have coaches, the best mentors have mentors. You could even see it as a prove of concept.

I hope you enjoyed this episode and I wish you lots of fun and deep insights while journaling. With this episode I want to wish you all the best as I am saying goodbye for now while being on a summer break.

What is it that you do everyday and once in a while for you to re-connect to yourself?

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