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Episode #22: How I tripled my revenue and challenges I had to overcome – Interview with Caitlin Pyle

In this episode, I have been interviewed by Caitlin Pyle for her Work-At-Home Heroes podcast. We talked about how we tripled our revenue over the past year and the challenges we had to overcome.

The more you allow and implement changes in your life, the less scary they can be, but that doesn’t mean transitions for me have been easy. In the last two years, I have moved to a new country, grown my coaching business, and made some drastic personnel changes to my online company Coachy, a platform that allows business owners to create their own online courses within a matter of minutes.

Even though my business revenue has tripled, I still find myself needing to take chances and conquer fear. I would like to teach you how I keep pushing myself forward in this episode!

I had to overcome a lot of roadblocks since I started my online business. It wasn’t an easy transition to move from an offline business to an online business, and I had to do it in a new country. It took me a while to find the right thing for me and it wasn’t easy to make it work, but now I’m so glad that I did it. For a while, I didn’t feel like myself and I took a break to figure out what I really want to do. That was when we started our company Coachy and also when I started doing yoga.

follow your intuition

I think you really need to follow your intuition and your heart, and also really stick to what you believe in. If there’s an industry that wants you to change or you think you have to change, I think it might not be the right industry for you or maybe you just need to kind of break the rules and just do your thing. I think that’s really important just to stick to yourself, and you don’t have to feel like you have to dress up or to wear makeup. For example, I just like to go out without makeup, have a nice walk on the beach with my dog. It’s so different from where I used to be.

get the right help

I also believe that it’s important to get help from someone, that could be from a coach. You can work on the mindset together and you can actually work on your goals and figure out what you really want, figure out what’s holding you back, and also, in the end maybe you start building a business. Friends and family might not always be able to help you or give you the right advice, so it’s really helpful to have someone from the outside who knows what they are talking about and who can bring you to the next level.

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