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Episode #19: Masculine and Feminine Energy in Business as a Female Entrepreneur – Interview with Hayley Tapper

Hayley is a Feminine Empowerment Coach and Business Mentor who helps you align with your soul, share your work with the world and get paid abundantly for it. She believes that connecting with your intuition and soul guidance is key to living a fully expressed life filled with meaning and purpose, pleasure, and abundance – and that’s exactly what she is here to help you do!

She helps women who are driven and ambitious goal getters to balance their masculine and feminine energy in business. She also helps them to embody their femininity and intuition and balance it out with masculine energy.

How Hayley became a coach

She always wanted to help people and she always knew that she wanted to run her own business. She went to university and studied psychology but it wasn’t the right path for her to continue studying. So she decided to figure out what she wanted to do with her life and moved to Dubai where she became a flight attendant and started traveling the world. It was an eye-opening experience that helped her grow as a person. In this time, she also started to learn about coaching and decided to take a coaching course. She started coaching her friends and knew that this was the thing that she wanted to do with her life. So she went back to Australia, signed up for another coaching course, and started to grow her coaching business.

In the early days of her business, she presented herself in a very logical and strategic way. Her mindset was holding her back but through the process of getting to know herself better, she started to claim the area that she really wanted to talk about, which was manifestation and femininity. Now, she is helping her clients to claim all aspects of themselves, masculine and feminine, and apply that to their business.

Knowing your worth and asking for the price you deserve

One thing that helped her with this was that was people are willing to pay is what you recognize you are worthy of. If you stand behind your business and know you are worth it then people will find a way to pay for it. You need to ask yourself what version of yourself you need to be to stand behind your prices, and what you need to do in order to claim this level of money that you want to charge for your services. As long as you fully stand behind that, then your clients won’t question your prices.

Does masculine and feminine energy have anything to do with the selling process?

Both masculine and feminine energy play a part in the selling process. For example, in a discovery call, we need the masculine energy to structure the call and lead the client through the conversation. But we also need the feminine energy to hold the vision and know what is possible for the client.

When Hayley first started her business, she was really good at booking discovery calls, which is more on the masculine side. She had a script for the process of the discovery call but they all said no. She realized that she wasn’t convinced on her own offer and she wasn’t confident enough, which comes from the feminine energy. Because she was disconnected from her feminine side, the whole system she came up with didn’t work. It’s important to have the right balance to be able to create results.

Tips how to balance out masculine and feminine energy

Hayley believes that most women are more in the masculine because that’s how we are raised and what we get taught in school. The way our society is structured is based on a masculine system. We take on those qualities and hustle really hard in our businesses. The first step to balance both is recognizing where you are at. The masculine side is more in your head. It’s about thinking, logic and strategizing. The feminine side is more about embodiment. It’s about really enjoying the process and being in touch with your feelings. If you are more in your masculine, it’s important to ask yourself how you are feeling and what you can do to make yourself feel good. This can open up a new way of seeing the world and you can enjoy yourself in a whole new way. If you are more in your feminine, you can ask yourself what new goals you can set for yourself.  

Massive action and inspired action

Massive action is the hustle mentality to get things done and do what you need to do. This represents the masculine side. But it’s not the case that masculine is wrong and feminine is right. It’s important to mention that we need both sides and we need them in harmony. The point is that it’s important to embrace the feminine side, which is something we did not have permission to do in our upbringing. We have to slow down and listen to our body.

Inspired action is the feminine side that waits and feels into it. It checks if it feels good, if it’s the right step and then takes inspired action from there. 

In the early days of her business, Hayley wishes that she trusted herself more. She was unsure is she can do it and if she will make it. That can be normal if you step into something new. But the more you trust yourself, the faster you will be able to step into the inspired action and faster you can make an impact. There is so much need nowadays for women to rise up, so you have to trust yourself and step up.

3 final questions

Favorite book or podcast:

–       Her own podcast “The Oh My Goddess Podcast”

–       The “Highest Self Podcast” by Sahara Rose, where she goes more into different aspects of feminine energy.

Quote Hayley is living by or feels inspired by:

–       Her mantra which helps her to tap more into her feminine energy is “The more fun I have, the more money I make.” She is all about having fun and she has seen this to be true in her business many times already.

Magic wand with a gift to people:

–       She would give people a deep sense of self-worth. This is the core of everything, so giving people that gift would change the world in her opinion.


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