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Episode #15: How to overcome limiting beliefs as an entrepreneur – Interview with Julia Nguyen

Julia is a psychiatric nurse, hypnotherapist and life coach. She has overcome depression and is now helping other people do the same!

Julia’s journey as a nurse

She always had a caring personality and wanted to help people in some way. She also loved psychology and studying the mind but decided to become a nurse because it’s more hands-on and she was able to help people. The universe somehow delivered her a job as a psychiatric nurse and she saw how many people struggle because of their mindset. She was depressed herself since she was a teenager so she could relate to those people. As a nurse, she could help the people but not as much as she wanted. She as always fascinated by coaching and somehow this became her path.

About her experience with Tony Robbins

Julia went to the Tony Robbins event “Unleash the Power Within” to work on herself and her mission. It’s a 5-day event with 18h each and is meant to push you beyond your limits. You are doing it in a sense of community and being open and vulnerable in front of 10k people and you keep pushing yourself in front of them. She found out that everyone has the same fears and believes. This process it meant to help people figure out why they have those limiting beliefs and help them to break through them.

The most common limiting belief of people who are trying to become entrepreneurs is not being good enough. People think they can’t do it or they don’t deserve it. That’s one of the biggest challenges people have to overcome to be able to build their business and help others.

Tips how to start releasing those limiting beliefs

General self-love can go deep, like meditation and things that nourish your mind and soul. It takes a long time to overcome limiting beliefs and it’s a lot of work. There might be days when you feel like you can do it and other days there is a roadblock and you don’t think you can do it. It’s important to overcome those days and be consistent. You have to constantly keep working on it.

Julia started her business 10 months ago. She also had to overcome her own limiting beliefs and things that she had deeply ingrained in her. Being an entrepreneur is a life-long process and you have to keep learning and working on it. She had to understand that she deserves the success and she is able to help others. That is something she needs to value instead of being afraid and hiding behind her fears.

How to empower anyone starting out and work through these blocks

Just don’t give up! You will have to deal with a lot of new things and are constantly learning. Just keep pushing through, work on it every single day. Take action every day and you will reach your goals. Everybody struggles but you can’t give up. Just take small steps and over time you will build all this momentum and reach your goals.

Tony Robbins says: “People underestimate what they can do in 10 years.” People tend to focus in the now or this year but it’s important to remember that it’s a lifelong process. It’s a marathon and not a sprint and you have to keep working on your goals.

Sometimes it might feel impossible because it takes longer than you think but you just have to keep going and imagine what you can do within a long period of time.

About comparing yourself

Especially in times of social media, some people are faking it and people put pressure on themselves because they want to be like those fake people. You will never win in this game by comparing yourself. Everyone is on their own journey and has their own purpose and they can’t take anything away from your success. Julia likes to remind people that they are enough and they have to manifest and push to make things happen. You might become burned out by comparing yourself and want to give up. It’s important to remember that you have to do things but also you need a balance and not push yourself overboard because you might burn out. An important lesson Julia learned is to love the journey which is hard for most people because we have all these goals we want to reach. It’s important to take steps every day but not push yourself too hard. A lot of people are young and overworked and work like crazy because they are trying too hard. In the end, this will be unproductive and they won’t last.

It’s important also not to make your whole life about work. I had this big goal of being a professional retoucher but when I made it I was not fulfilled. Keep in mind that goals can change and do what you enjoy. Don’t constantly chase success, you might not be fulfilled when you do. It’s important to enjoy yourself along the journey but also that you have a purpose and you need to align yourself with that. So many people can reach the top but still are depressed or have anxiety because of that.

It’s also important to Julia to clarify her values. You need to remember them when you build your business or you will end up unfulfilled. That’s the reason why people start a coaching business. Because they have been there and learned how to get out of it.

3 final questions

Favorite book or podcast:

–     “The Power of Now” because it’s the book that got her started on her self-developing journey. It’s important to remember to be in the present instead of chasing after goals.

–     Julia also wrote a book herself is called “Awaken the Hero Within”. It’s a self-development book about her overcoming depression and but also has practical tools for people to utilize and help them on their journey. The hero’s journey appears in mythology and stories about humans in time. There are 3 stages that everyone goes through in their lives. It’s a circular journey about self-development and going back to where you started but much wiser with the knowledge you learned helping other people.

Quote Julia is living by or feels inspired by:

–     “The wound is where the light enters you.” A lot of people are suffering and they don’t realize that this is where you learn and you grow and become who you are meant to be.

Magic wand with a gift to people:

–     Julia wants to help people overcome their mindsets. It took her a long time to realize that you can change your thoughts and behavior and your life in general. Everything starts with your thoughts.


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