Episode #14: How to maintain a healthy lifestyle and why it’s so important – Interview with Ebony Williams

Ebony Williams is a thyroid disease coach that helps women live a happy, healthy and joy-filled life through food, fitness and fun. She focuses on thyroid diseases and Hashimoto’s disease because she has personal experience with it. She wants to show people how to live a happy life, maintain a healthy lifestyle and be well.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle

When Ebony was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease 10 years ago, she felt relieved because she was feeling horrible for so long and she finally knew what the problem was. But she also realized that she had a long way to go to feel healthy again. She didn’t want anyone else to go through what she was going through and wanted to help others, so they didn’t have to go through their thyroid disease journey on their own. So she started a blog to share her journey and later she also started her podcast. A lot of people could relate to her and her journey, so 3 years ago she started coaching to help more people directly.

Fear of getting started

Ebony was terrified when she started coaching. There are a lot of people already doing the same thing but she knew that she had a unique perspective as a career-oriented person and an athlete. She understood what it’s like to have these things taken away from you and the struggle that comes along with it. She truly believed that she could help others with her own experience. She knew that she had to at least try and in the end she made it work. She believes that it’s important to start with what you are passionate about and at least try to make it happen.

About Ebony’s lifestyle and work-life balance

One struggle that entrepreneurs face is that they want to have their own business to have more freedom, but end up working more than ever before. Ebony still has a 9 to 5 job but is an entrepreneur at the same time. Therefore, it’s even more important for her to have a good work-life balance. She has to have a good routine, getting up early in the morning, exercising and getting work done for her business. She does meal prepping on the weekend to ensure that she eats healthy and she makes it a priority to go to sleep early. It’s also important to her to do affirmations and make sure to have enough energy, because that’s the only way she is able to help her clients. Self-care is one of the most important things for her as an entrepreneur. “You can’t be someone else’s something if you’re nothing for yourself.” In order to be able to show up for her clients she needs to have herself together.

Tips for having a routine and not making it boring

Having a routine and structure is very important to make sure not to burn yourself out and know when to switch off. Ebony likes to set a timer when she is working. She works for 45min and then takes a 15min break. In those breaks, she walks around or exercises and also makes sure she drinks enough water and eats healthy during the day. She doesn’t agree with people who say they can’t do it. It’s already a start to eat fruit and vegetables and also make sure to get enough sleep. You can just start by going to bed 15min earlier every day and slowly reach success. She also recommends to write down what you are struggling with to know what you have to work on. And then you can start with one thing at a time. Over time you will incorporate more of those things into your routine and reach your goals in the end.

Ebony likes to be spontaneous but she makes sure to exercise or take herself on a date and focusses on her own needs. For her self-care, she has a healthy meal, does journaling and thinks about the positive things in her life. She also does coloring or writes greeting cards for people. Those are the things that fuel her and it’s important to her to have fun.

About thyroid issues and how people might feel

The main symptom is fatigue. It’s unlike anything people have experienced before. You just sleep and still feel tired and sometimes she just slept for days. If the hormones are not in balance it’s hard to keep your body running. Other symptoms are anxiety, depression, unexpected weight gain, dry skin and hair loss. She personally had a lot of weight gain in less than a month and it was a really scary experience and people didn’t take it seriously. She didn’t feel well and didn’t understand what was happening.

Especially with Hashimoto’s disease you start off in hyperthyroidism, which makes your heartbeat really fast, you sweat a lot and are irritable, your hands are shaking and you just feel very uncomfortable and have insomnia. And all of a sudden there is a switch when your thyroid doesn’t want to do this anymore and you go into a low functioning thyroid state. That’s why it’s important to go to the doctor and get your thyroid values checked. Ebony’s own experience when she sought help from a doctor was that they told her she was having a hard time studying and she was just depressed. She knew that this wasn’t stress and something was wrong with her but she wasn’t taken seriously in the beginning.

I’ve had the same personal experience and it’s so important to take care of your health. It’s similar to taking birth control and how much it can mess up your body. When I stopped taking the pill I also switched to a vegan diet, which was a huge help. But so many people stop taking birth control and it messes up their bodies.

Ebony has been off the pill for 3 years and after 2 months she noticed a huge difference. With the hormones, the body is in a constant state of anxiety and it turned out that taking those hormones made her a mean person. Especially as someone who has a lot of knowledge about healthy nutrition and how it can impact your body, she also understands how nutrition can change your cycle in a natural way. 

3 final questions

Favorite book or podcast:

–       “Thyroid Warrior Podcast” her own podcast, “Cultivate Your Life” by Lara Casey, “Business Life & Joy” by Shunta Grant. They all have interesting approaches to life.

–       “Mastering the Sales Game” by Susan McVea who is her mentor and made her understand how important it is to make serving her business to help other people.

Quote Ebony is living by or feels inspired by:

–       “You can’t be someone else’s something if you are nothing for yourself.” 

Magic wand with a gift to people:

–       She would give people good health because she has seen what it does to people when you are in poor health. She took her own good health for granted and she knows that you can change the world when you are in good health and you are able to do much more.


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