Conscious Entrepreneurship

Episode #13: Self-Love Meditation | Letting go of negative emotions and thoughts

This meditation will help you to allow yourself to switch from the usual mode of doing to a mode of non-doing; of simply being. You will be able to let go of negative emotions and thoughts and focus on self-love.

During this meditation, you will be guided through breathing exercises and becoming aware of your feelings. You will be here in each moment with each breath; not trying to do anything, not trying to get to any place, simply being with your breath. Being here with whatever feelings and sensations come up at any moment without judging them, without reacting to them, just being fully here, fully aware of whatever you’re experiencing. 

As the meditation ends, you might give yourself credit for having spent this time nourishing yourself in a deep way by dwelling in this state of non-doing, in this state of being. For having intentionally made time for yourself to simply be who you are. And as you move back into the world, allow the benefits of this practice to expand into every aspect of your life.


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