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Episode #12: Stop hustling. Start living. Become a powerful leader (What the podcast “Rocking Female Entrepreneur” is about)

After taking a few days off, going out for long walks at the beach and looking inwards, I realized I am not the coach to help you build your business and level up your aerial skills anymore. I’m here to help you step into your rebellious boss-role and become a powerful leader. Meaning, if you are only here to uplevel your aerial skills, but not leveling up and scaling your business, you are at the wrong place – keep on reading and check, if you want to stay here to grow or might want to unsubscribe (since there is no way you want to become an entrepreneur).

Over the past years, I have emerged from being a one-woman show (offline) to gear up and go online. Then, I went from being a solopreneur to becoming a team with my soul-mate and after a couple of months, having a business-partner.

Last year, it was time to change from being an entrepreneur being stuck IN my business to become a boss working ON the business.

Does that mean, I will stop teaching aerial yoga? No, of course not. However, this is no longer one of the biggest parts. It is one of many parts.

So, what does that mean exactly?

To give you some more insights and deeper knowledge, I am sharing a bit about my last years with you. Please note, I am not telling you this to brag, but to empower and inspire you.

Because I know, you can do this, too – if you are willing to work on yourself, your business and start trusting your intuition to follow your heart!

Over the last years, I went from “Will this ever work and how am I supposed to pay my bills?” to “I am so excited for things to happen and just hired new employees to scale my biz while planning on moving into a bigger house!”. When I started my biz, I thought I had to hustle like crazy to become successful and tried to solve everything myself. I got lost in my perfectionism and was afraid I could annoy people when going out there and offering my service, even though I knew I could help so many. Then, when I got my first clients and hit my first 10k month I was finally able to go from saving every single coin to being able to spend more in myself. However, I created myself a new hamster-wheel even though I became self-employed to break out of it! I started being overworked, unfulfilled and it led to burn-out. That was when I discovered yoga and started to look deeper inside and the journey of following my intuition began.

Quickly, I built a new business, with my soulmate and our partner we made 200k revenue within just a year. But, we were still the heart of our company – yes, we were able to enjoy at least a few hours off but still, true freedom wasn’t there. I felt in my heart, it was time to step into my leadership role, kick out our partner who was not aligned with our vision and values. Was that easy? No. It was a tough 6 months process while also planning to move to another country. After taking a time-out and moving countries, we decided on who should become our new business-partner and hired 3 (!) new employees. That’s when my boyfriend and I stepped into our roles as company-owners and did not have to do everything ourselves anymore. We built a business that supports others in making their dreams reality, having the most amazing team and that allows us to decide how much and when we work ON, instead of IN it. (Even if we would not work at all for a few months we’d still get a consistent amount of cash coming in.)

If that sounds inspiring to you and you want to learn how to become a badass leader while actually have a life (instead of hustling), you are at the right place! (that’s what’s being an Aerial Rockstar is about: become a rocking female entrepreneur)

I am so stoked you are here on this journey with me and I am so looking forward to guiding you stepping into this role. If you are not here to learn how to (build or) scale your business to become more flexible, live in abundance and build an empire that empowers others, I recommend leaving this place. Maybe you want to just subscribe to my YouTube-channel for now and continue watching the weekly aerial-tutorials only. Do I already have it all laid out? No, but that’s what entrepreneurship is. Figuring it out by taking the leap and just doing it! Are you ready to rock this with me? Lisa

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