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Episode #10: Slaying Perfectionism and How to Truly Be Yourself – Livestream with Margie Pargie

Do you ever feel like you have to portrait this perfect image or do everything perfectly? I know exactly what that feels like because I have been there, too. In this episode, I’m talking to Margie Pargie about slaying perfectionism and how to truly be yourself. The episode was recorded as part of Margie’s aerial yoga retreat.

My story with perfectionism started when I was younger

I always straightened my hair and wore fancy clothes with high heels because I thought that’s what I had to do. Somehow, I wanted that people get the “right” image of me, but I didn’t feel like I belonged there. It took me an hour to get ready in the morning and I still wasn’t feeling like myself. In this time, I just felt unhappy and numb. So I finally decided to stop and take a break. After 6 months, I found myself again through yoga and started working on slaying perfectionism.

But where does this need for perfectionism actually come from? It can have different sources, like childhood experiences, society or family. For most people, it starts when they are in school. A lot of people feel like they are not good enough or ready to do something.

  • “I’m not good enough.”
  • “I should be different.”
  • “I should be better and be like…”
  • “I’m not worthy of…”
  • “I can’t do that, because…”

We feel like we need to belong to others because we don’t want to be alone. We want to be accepted and loved. Some people suffer from imposter syndrome even though they are already successful.

You need to ask yourself how you actually spend your time

Do you have negative thoughts and complain a lot? Do you have self-doubts or bad habits? Do you only talk about what you want to do but not get into action or have no discipline?

What would happen, if you committed to loving yourself and being thankful? What if you would be authentic and honest and follow your passion? What if you would look after yourself and appreciate what you have?

I want to help you slay perfectionism and truly be yourself. Just start by setting yourself deadlines and keeping them. Get your project out at the deadline, whether it’s perfect or not. Then, reward yourself with something you love because you did a great job coming this far. It’s also important to start with spiritual practise and mindfulness. This can help you accept your emotions and letting go of them more easily. It makes you see things more clearly and notice changes.

You can also invest in a mentor who pushes you to go forward and crush your fears. The most important point is that you have to understand that people who don’t accept you and love you the way you truly are, simply aren’t the right people to surround yourself with.


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