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Episode #9: How to Take Inspired Action in Your Business – FIND YOUR WHY

Do you even remember why you are in business?

Lately, I have been asked so many times how to take inspired action in your business. If you have been so busy lately, that you don’t even remember why you are in business, you need to remember or even find your why.

If you are lacking inspiration or feeling so stressed out, that you are wondering why you are doing this to yourself, it could be for different reasons. There are a few things that could stop you from taking inspired action in your business.

Reason 1

You are lacking a clear daily routine that gives you more productivity and freedom.

If you are procrastinating, feel overwhelmed and work the whole day, but still feel you aren’t able to get anything done, it’s a clear sign you are lacking a lifestyle with a structure.

Don’t worry, I am not a big fan of boring routines, either. For me, it needs to be fun!

And this is exactly where my last podcast-episodes comes in…

In my last solo podcast-episode, I explained how you manage to create a fun lifestyle with freedom AND productivity by having a daily structure.

Reason 2

You are not taking care of yourself. You are probably lacking a clear routine that gives you more freedom, brings results and finally frees up a huge amount of time to have hobbies.

No, you don’t need to hustle every day to get results in your business. It’s actually the opposite. You will grow so much faster if you start taking things more slowly.

If you are drained of energy by sitting in front of the computer the whole day, it’s no wonder you feel like you can’t take inspired action.

Reason 3

You don’t even know why you are in your business anymore or never even knew it in the beginning. You want to know why you are in business and what you do this for.

This is the whole reason why you started this business.

That’s why I spoke about all the reasons regarding taking care of yourself, creating a routine and remembering or finding your why.

Now it’s time to grab a pen and paper

Journal about what your business means to you.

Why have you built it?

How do you want to serve?

What is the purpose of your business?

What solution do you give others?

Do you remember the day you decided to start your business?

What was the reason for it?

How did you feel back then?

What are your values? What’s important to you in life?

Write it all down. Sit with it.


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