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Episode #8: How to free yourself from a toxic relationship and love yourself – Interview with Kate Eipl

Kate Eipl is a mindset coach, healer and yogi. She helps empower those stuck in toxic cycles or relationships by focusing on their goals and accessing their actions. She works on aligning their thoughts with their actions and providing support and a foundation with her 5 step program. In this episode, she will teach you how to free yourself from a toxic relationship and love yourself.

Kate fell into this topic, especially transitioning from toxic relationships because she found herself in those exact situations. She was attracted to the wrong type of men and had to learn many lessons to be able to work through that. She learned that those relationships were holding her back and she had to make the decision to walk away and change her life. Because of her personal experience, she is now able to help others in the same situation.

A few years ago when she went through her last breakup while she was becoming a yoga teacher at the same time, Kate had to learn to go through the sadness in a different way. Her friends but also strangers recognized that she was a strong person, which made her see herself from a different perspective. Slowly, more and more of her friends came to her for relationship advice and she was able to help them. Kate realized that this is something she is good at and what she wants to do professionally.

Why it’s important to have a coach to talk to

Sometimes it’s just easier to open up to a coach with your problems rather than to a friend. She noticed that people feel very comfortable talking to her, even when they first meet her. From my own experience, I know how important it is to talk to someone when you are struggling and trying to make a change in your life, but don’t know how. I was lucky enough to have a boyfriend who helped me and motivated me, but not everybody is that lucky. It’s important to have a person in your life who helps you grow and to keep going, and for many people, this person is a coach. That could be because they don’t have a person in their lives who can help them but also because they just don’t want to open up to anyone who is close to them. It’s also really important to have a coach to help you with your business decisions in order to be able to grow and build a successful business.

Kate had an experience with a client who struggled in her new relationship, and they discovered together that It was mostly a lack of communication. With Kate’s guidance, her client was able to talk to her partner about her problems and solve them without any issues which saved her relationship. It’s so important to have an open mind and good communication in a relationship and sometimes people can’t see that on their own. That’s why it’s so helpful to have a coach who you can talk to about your problems.

How to have a business and a private life and do it all with a good mindset

It’s important to take time for yourself, even if it’s just 20 minutes every day. Kate personally tries to take at least an hour for herself in the morning. During that time you can start prioritizing your day.

It’s also important to leave your work at work and not take those issues or stress home with you. You have to set boundaries and make sure you are fully present with your friends and family. Your job or project won’t last forever but your relationships can if you take care of them.  

If you have a demanding job it’s important to give yourself some time to take breaks and let go of the stress. Also be open to your family if you had a bad day or you are really stressed. Communication is very important to make sure they understand your behavior.

Kate had a personal experience after she started practicing yoga and met a former coworker. Without noticing herself, Kate had transformed to a much happier and calmer person due to less stress at work and practicing yoga. That’s why she always recommends to find any form of physical activity to be able to balance out stress and other problems.

Kate’s free masterclass “Say F**k It & Love Yourself”

It’s a course of 5 steps.

–       Say fuck it (Let go of things in your life that are draining you and say that you love yourself. Even if you don’t feel it you have to say it. Eventually you will believe it.)

–       Envision it (What does it feel like?)

–       Hear it (Why do these things keep coming up?)

–       Experience it (Take your goal and break it down into little steps to make it more achievable and you will be able to work on your goals every day.)

–       Mentorship (It’s helpful to have that person to keep you motivated and support you.)

You have the option to schedule a free coaching session after the free masterclass!

Link to the free masterclass:


Favorite book or podcast:

–       Book “the empath’s survival guide” by Judith Orloff

She breaks down the different types of empaths and talks about how to identify which one you are and how to shield yourself from other people’s energy. This book is especially helpful for people in a toxic relationship.

Quote you are living by or feel inspired by:

–       ‘Say fuck it and love yourself” is Kate’s motto because she was trying to find the perfect name until she just called it as it was.

Magic wand with a gift to people:

–       Personal awareness and more time to themselves. This will help people to become more aware of themselves and their environment to see their lives play out and being able to respond to that.


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