Conscious Entrepreneurship

Episode #5: Dream-Life Meditation: Visualize your dream-life and future self

This meditation will allow you to take a step into your future dream life. You will leave your current life behind and begin to feel the power of what living in your dream life can actually feel like. 

During this meditation, you will be guided through a series of visualizations that can help you gain clarity on what your dreams look and feel like. You will be asked to think about where you live, who the people are that surround you, what types of work and hobbies you engage in, what you have in your possession, and who you would like to help and inspire.

With the power of guided questions, you will become clear on what it feels like to live in the life that you were truly meant to live. You will feel the universe pulling you into your dream location, job, and lifestyle.

Next, you will then begin to work through the barriers that are holding you back from obtaining your dream life. You will be challenged to stretch yourself to find out what obstacles are in your way and how you can overcome them.

Finally, you will commit to being your authentic self, to go after the life you aspire to have and to allow the abundance of the universe into your life.

“I acknowledge it is up to me to rise up and shine, build my own empire and show up as the badass rockstar I am.”

This life can be yours. Let’s ROCK.

Link to Rising Busines Rockstar Guide:

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