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Episode #4: Magdalena Gschnitzer (Environmental Activist)

Magdalena is an environmental activist. She had a life-changing experience 7 years ago when she was diving. She saw a fish that was caught in an abandoned fishing net, so she freed the fish and kept diving. To her surprise, the grateful fish followed her, which touched her deeply and showed her, that animals have feelings just like humans. This moment led to her caring deeply for animals and the environment and wanting to make a change in the world.

In this interview, Magdalena talks about the different projects she is working on to help protect animals and the environment. She explains why plastic is such a huge problem and how it harms not just the environment but also us humans. She also talks about life as an activist and how she makes money doing what she is truly passionate about.

Magdalena’s favorite book or podcast:

Instead of focusing on a book or podcast, Magdalena prefers to really connect to people who are already doing what she is interested in and learning from them. This way, she is getting real-life up to date information that she can relate to.

Quote she is living by or feels inspired by:

“Everyone can change the world” – this is the title of one of the speeches she likes to give because she knows that every person can make a big difference as long as they believe in themselves.

Magic wand with a gift to people:

She wants to give to people what she was missing 7 years ago, which is a connection. She wants people to connect with themselves so they are able to connect with others as well and become truly happy that way.

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