Conscious Entrepreneurship

Episode #1: My Story

Do you know the feeling you are here to do something truly wonderful? I’m not talking about striving for a “successful” career, winning awards or other things that look successful on paper.

I am talking about you waking up and smiling, being truly satisfied and thankful for your life. I am talking about waking up, being full of energy and motivation. To look in the mirror and think: „Wow, I’m feeling great… And yes, I look great!“

Does this sound unreal to you? I thought exactly the same. It took me quite a while until I realized this ONE thing: You have the power to change how you live your life and what decisions you make. Let me help you to save a lot of time and frustration (failure, the feeling of being empty, self-doubt, several new starts, etc.).

In this episode, I’m telling you about my story. How I started at just 18 years old with an apprenticeship as a makeup artist and ended up years later being unhappy and depressed.

I’m also talking about how I moved to Malta and started a new life. In the end, I changed careers again because I wanted to make the world a better place and have a true purpose in life. I followed my passion and started not one but two successful businesses.

I want to help you find the strength to be yourself and become successful by developing a healthy, vibrant routine and structure – without stress or self-doubt! I want you to be free to live the life of your dreams!

Rock your life and business. Become your own rockstar.

Cheers, Lisa,

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