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Where I’ve been the last couple of months…

If you have been following me on Instagram or subscribed to my newsletter, you probably have noticed my absence.  Wow, I have just noticed my last post on social media was the 26th of March. During the last couple of month many things changed in my private and business life and therefore I wanted to have my full focus on it.

Actually, it already started a while ago when I started to ask myself whether Malta is still the place I wanted to spend the rest of my life. As much as I enjoyed the warm weather and looking at the crystal clear, warm water… Malta also has it’s bad sites. Not only it got more crowed and therefore, less enjoyable at the waterside, but also it got noisier. More and more construction sites showed up and the construction vehicles already woke me up at 4:30 am. During the day we had to shut the windows if we wanted to listen to something on our laptop or TV, because it was just to noisy outside. We weren’t even able to talk to each other on our front-balcony and didn’t enjoy the view from our balcony anymore. Because it was just too noisy. Also, the hatred against our dog in our neighbourhood got worse and there where people laying out poison in the village we lived, just because their hatred against animals. Can you imagine, people complained about our dog peeing on the street… Well, where else should he go if there are no green areas left nearby?

Also, we really had a hard time connecting to like-minded people, since most people in our age either lived in Malta (which is even more busy than Gozo) or already had kids. Most of them had not many interests alike anyway and others with similar interests left the island already after a few months. So, living on Gozo was pretty lonely apart from the (aerial) yoga classes.
But the worst part are the hunters. Instead of getting better, the hunting-situation got worse and worse. They are extremely aggressive and shoot at the most beautiful spots in the countryside. Since Malta and especially Gozo is so small, it is impossible to find a spot where you do not face them if walking in nature. At the end, there was only one spot left where we went to – but even that spot was a problem because of people leaving their garbage everywhere and our dog eats everything.

So, it was time for a change…

We decided to move somewhere else. One the one hand, I felt like our home was ripped away from us, on the other hand I felt relieved and was looking forward to a live with more possibilities to be at peace in nature and meet like-minded people. The only challenge was finding a new place to life.
We did not want to go back to Germany and really like the sun and the sea. What we didn’t want was feeling disconnected again and being “trapped” in a place with nearly no possibilities to enjoy walks with out dog – without hunters.
First, we looked at Cyprus, since a friend of us planned to move there as well and there were already other online-entrepreneurs with regular meetings. The weather seemed great and the sea looks gorgeous. But sadly, we found out that hunting in Cyprus is even worse than in Malta and they still have a killing-station for dogs. Plus, like in Malta, in some areas the poisoning of dogs was a problem as well. 🥺

But that wasn’t the only big change…

Roughly at the same time, we decided it was time to separate ourselves from our business-partner, with whom we worked together on our business “Coachy” (a German platform to create your own online-school/member-area).

To not overwhelm myself I decided to focus on those two big “to-dos” and not be active online at social media.

Your key-takeaways:

Set your priorities and (get to) know your own limits. Don’t worry if you are “offline” for a while if it’s for personal reasons and you are going through some big changes.

If you want to learn more about the road-trip, where we settled now and what’s to come next, continue reading here.

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