Conscious Entrepreneurship

Feel the fear and do it anyway + follow your intuition

Everyone, even the most successful people, still are afraid of something – afraid of the next step, afraid of change, afraid of no being good enough and so on.

And you know what? When I started with my new coaching-business, I was playing safe. Didn’t get out of my comfort zone. My gut-feeling told me it’s wrong to write in German and helping “only” German people, but my brain told me it’s right to start posting in German, because it makes sense: I have a way more connections in the German area. So, I convinced myself it’s right and I tried to ignore my intuition. I was playing safe…

BUT it wouldn’t be me, if I wouldn’t have started asking myself it this is really the right decision and why I went for that decision. After meditation and doing mindful tasks everyday for 8 weeks – my mind is a way more clear and I got the answer:

I was trying to play safe and was afraid of starting my business in English. Even though my gut-feeling told me it would be the right decision. And even though I would like to work with local people and not only online. So it doesn’t make any sense in writing in German, if the locals can’t even understand a word…

But here was this voice inside of me: There are too many coaches already in the English market, your are not good enough and need more experience, what if you fail? What if the locals can’t afford you because of the low wages?

What kind of coach would I be, if I wouldn’t follow the advice I give to my coachees?
And how is it possible to grow, if you just play safe? Feel the fear and do it anyway! That’s the only possible way to grow.

Yes, there are many English coaches already. But there are also many people understanding English. Yes, locals don’t get high wages – but my coaching-business is not just about making money, but really helping people. So I will find ways to make it affordable even for locals. Yes, I don’t have as much experience as Tony Robbins, but he started just like me as well. And I already got so many people thanking me how much I helped them. Yes, maybe I need to get new/more connections in the English market, but I managed it all by myself with my retouching business – so I can do it again.

So, now I am here. Decided to follow my intuition – because I know this is the right way for me.

I’m excited to start my new adventure and look forward not only helping Germans, but also other people from around the world and the locals in Malta.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Believe in yourself and follow your intuition.

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