Free Workshop: Spiritpreneur Awakening

Break free from the old way of business and activate your next (r)evolution using the magic of Kundalini. Raise your consciousness to live & grow your business aligned to your energy and personality.

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My name is Lisa and I'm Co-Founder of Coachy®, entrepreneur, Kundalini business guide, published author, yogini and visionary.
I founded the industry-leading 7-figure company "Coachy®" together with my boyfriend and love supporting women to rise - after breaking free from working in the superficial advertising-field myself.

Raise your consciousness, break the rules, embrace your magic and step into your next (r)evolution in business. 
In today's world many people forget who they truly are as they start hiding their true self for too long. We start to do things without questioning them even if they don't feel good. Most people think we have to follow clear ""rules"" of society to live a successful life.

But what does success truly mean to you?
For me it’s embracing who you are and by this unfolding magic. Life was meant to be lived with joy, ease and a state of being. Business was meant to be fun, give you freedom and
make a positive impact.

If you are feeling the same I invite you
to join me for your Spiritpreneur (R)Evolution.

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"Lisa and Dennis already beloned to the industry-leaders after just months. One can only do this so fast with authenticity, quality, discipline and an amazing mindset."

- Robert Gladitz

“Lisa is a very kind, compassionate person. I felt comfortable with her immediately. I had tons of questions and was able to talk about everything. She's honest and empowering!”

- Jasmin Schmidt

"Lisa isn't just a wonderful person, but also excellent coach. She motivates, inspires and helps with concrete steps to get faster to the goal. One can feel she loves coaching! "

- Irina Garcia

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