Be honest to yourself...

In everyday-life between business, family and a full calendar it's easy to forget yourself. Your own goals. And feel stressed...

Here I share my story with you...

You are at the right place

Hi, my name is Lisa and I'm a coach for (business-) women who want to live a balanced and fulfilled life. I'm a successful entrepreneur for more than 7 years and one of the founders of a German software company. When we started we made 200k revenue within about just a year.

I will not show you "incredible marketing hacks" how to get famous and successful overnight. I help female entrepreneurs to create a vibrant, healthy lifestyle by showing them how to trust their inner voice and not forgetting about their mind and body during their busy schedule.

I help ambitious female entrepreneurs to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle to feel more relaxed. Because let's be honest ... In everyday-life between business, family and a full calendar it's easy to forget yourself and your own goals!

Do you want to remove your chaos in your head and reduce stress for a more healthy life? Let’s work together to set up a clear structure and working on your self-care for a more energized, healthy and authentic you!
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  • Do you finally want to take control over your own life? Are you unhappy and stressed at the moment, but don't know a way out? Do you forget about yourself during everyday life and have the feeling, not to have time for the things/people who are important to you in life?

    Let's work together to transform your dreams into goals and get closer to them! Everything starts with a positive mindset and body. A vibrant, healthy and fun routine! And with this, I'll help you :-)

    P.S.: If a coaching is right for you and whether we fit together, we'll see in a skype-call or meeting in person 🙂

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  • Does this sound like you
    Do you feel stressed? Are you self-critical and perfectionistic? Do you feel lacking of clarity? Do you feel drained of energy, because of your huge to-do list? Do you have tons of thoughts in your head? Do you constantly compare yourself with others?

    You don't know what the next step should be and how you are able to live a healthy, vibrant life with all the things you have to do?

    I know exactly how you feel, because I already went through this - including burnout. To prevent you from walking down this road further, I created this workshop. To support women like you.

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What my lovely clients say...

  • Lisa helped me to think different and "pushed" me in the right direction; to get closer to my dream - being a successful photographer one day.

    When I dreamed about the future to much, Lisa got me back to the present. When I was too confused and my mind was everywhere, Lisa suggested and helped me to take a break and become more self-aware. Since then, I am able to think in smaller steps. Because everything needs time. Lisa not just helped me with creating to-do lists or starting a journal. She helped me to be more motivated, positive-minded and to get a structure in my life.

    Also, Lisa really listened to me and it helped me so much. At this point in my life I never experienced this before. As a result I got additional motivation, because she really listened compassionately. (Even though, usually it's very hard for me because I suffer from depression).

    What I found particularly wonderful was, I was able to meet Lisa in person at her networking-event and got to know new people through it.

    (Anika did not write any applications within the last 5 years. But the coaching helped her, to find new strength and trust in herself to write new applications and find a new job. So she's able to build her business as a photographer in a relaxed way without having financial worries.)

    Anika Arweiler Fantasy-Photographer (Germany)
  • Lisa is a very kind, compassionate person. I felt comfortable with her immediately. I had tons of questions and was afraid, not being able to talk about everything.
    Lisa made time for me and listened. She felt my insecurity and instead of pushing me in a direction, she showed me possibilities. She didn't beautify something, but spoke open about positive and negative aspects.W sorted the chaos in my mind step by step. She gave me courage and worked out the next steps with me!

    After the coaching, I wasn't left alone. She evaluated every session afterwards and even send me emails with things we talked about. Even after the Coaching I am still able to reach her.

    One doesn't feel like a paying client, but like being with a good friend, whose well-being is important to her. And especially in situations where you need help, it's very good feeling! She will definitely stay my person of trust and contact-person.

    Jasmin Schmidt Graphic Designer & Beauty-Photographer (Germany)
  • Lisa isn't just a wonderful person, but also excellent coach. She motivates, inspires and helps with concrete steps to get faster to the goal. Lisa encouraged me to fulfill my dream, to work as a photographer in Australia for one year.

    One can feel, she does her business with passion and is really interested in me as a person and my goals. Lisa was there for me the whole time. When I visited her for some coaching-sessions in Malta, she even helped me to organize a photoshoot, even though it was not covered by the coaching-program.

    I loved the coaching with her so much, I visited her another time in Malta. Thank you very much!

    Irina Garcia Lifestyle & Advertising Photographer (Switzerland)