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My name is Lisa, and I’m a heartset coach for women in business who want to live a balanced and fulfilled life. I’ve been a successful entrepreneur for over 7 years, and am the cofounder of a German software company, called “Coachy”, that grossed $200k revenue in its first year.

I work with ambitious female entrepreneurs to ditch the stress and overwhelm experienced in life and business, to create a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. By working with me, you will discover how to build a successful, sustainable business that will last. 

Together, we will do the work required to reach all the goals you have set for yourself with flow and ease. If you are ready to set up a clear structure for a more relaxed, stress-free life, it’s time for us to have a chat!




“Lisa helped me to think different and “pushed” me in the right direction; to get closer to my dream - being a successful photographer one day.”

- Anika Aweiler

“Lisa is a very kind, compassionate person. I felt comfortable with her immediately. I had tons of questions and was afraid, not being able to talk about everything.”

- Jasmin Schmidt

"Lisa isn't just a wonderful person, but also excellent coach. She motivates, inspires and helps with concrete steps to get faster to the goal. "

- Irina Garcia


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